Stanton-in-Peak Parish Council

Stanton in Peak Parish Council

The Parish Council comprises 7 elected councillors who employ a part-time CiLCA qualified Parish Clerk as their Proper Officer. Councillors are elected to serve for a four year term. The Parish is subdivided in three wards: Stanton in Peak - 5 councillors; Stanton Lees - 1 councillor; Warren Carr - 1 councillor.

Council meets six times a year with meetings held at Stanton in Peak Village Hall or Stanton Lees Chapel on a weekday evening in January, March, May, July, September and November. Meetings commence at 7.30pm. Additional meetings are called as required.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Parish Council are elected by councillors every May. The Chair hosts the Annual Parish meeting each March giving a report on the previous year and opening the floor to debate on any matter raised by a parishioner.

The Precept – the local tax on parishioners - is set at the November meeting for the following year. Requests for donations made by local community groups are also considered at that meeting.

The Council leases The Green as a recreation and children’s play area in Stanton in Peak and the path from the Church to the Cemetery. It is also is responsible for 4 grit bins at: Pilhough crossroads, Stanton Lees Chapel Car park, by the Green and at the lower end of Stanton in Peak (other bins are maintained and filled by the County Council); the bus shelter in Stanton in Peak and 3 noticeboards – one in each Ward. It provides an annual grant to the Parochial Church Council for maintenance of Stanton in Peak cemetery.

To meet Transparency requirements, Stanton in Peak Parish Council now has its own website where further information and Parish documents can be found: .