Stanton in Peak Village Website

Stanton before the War

Stanton appears to have been a thriving rural community, with most men employed in the quarries, on farms, or at Stanton Hall. Women’s occupations were seldom registered in the Censuses, and the 1911 one, closest to the War, was no exception.  The School was full, and took pupils from Birchover as well. There was no school bus, and those children had to make their own way to and from Stanton, usually on foot.

Amongst other businesses, there was a pub, a butcher’s, a blacksmith’s, a joiner’s and two churches. The Wesleyan Reform Chapel was popular and also offered a Sunday School. 19 male members of this congregation later joined up.  Various travelling salesmen made their way to the village, so it was possible to secure most items for domestic life without having to leave the village.