Village Hall Fundraising for Repairs

The Village Hall was opened in 1876 as Reading Room and lots of effort over many years, by many people, has gone into keeping it safe and sound for the community. We now need to undertake some major essential repairs.

You may have noticed if you have been to an event recently the walls appear to be running in condensation, especially over the fireplace. Water is getting into the top of the walls and if this not addressed the problem will get worse. The outside needs to be re-pointed; the capping stones on the gable ends need to be re-seated on lead and the hall needs new guttering and down pipes. The pound signs just roll up to the region £11k!

The work to raise the funds needed to undertake this work has already started through applying for grants. So far we have been successful with 2 grants made to replace the guttering. We will continue to research and apply for more. However, we will also be holding some events throughout the year to help towards this building work.

Amount raised for far is     -      £4700

Events Planned in the village Hall are:

July 17 – Afternoon Tea 3.00-5.00

October 29 - Halloween Coffee Morning 10.30-12.30