Village Plan

Informal Meeting of Parish Council to discuss Village Plan

Held on 24th March 2012, advertised in SNAIL, leaflet to every house.

Present : Roger Eccleston (Chair PC), Hilary Campbell (Vicechair PC), Alan Coppock, Andy Farmer, Charlie Watson

The advantages and disadvantages of a Parish Plan, or something similar, were discussed. The most relevant option was a Neighbourhood Plan, enshrined in legislation, but for that a referendum was required, the cost of which would be prohibitive.

The central question was felt to be ‘What suits Stanton as a Parish?’

Rather than a formalised Plan, a set of priorities could be set out. For these priorities to move forward, residents would need to both support them and be willing to be involved.

The following suggestions for these priorities were made, just as a starting point, to both provide and sustain a positive ‘villagescape’, and to support life and business in the parish:

 Village amenities – school, churches, village halls, village green, cricket ground

 Village environment – as above but to include the surrounding natural environment,  the cemetery, dark skies, quiet lanes, Opportunities for small businesses and working from home inc. fast broadband, mentoring, help and advice, potential funding streams

 Car sharing

 Community clubs inc. for example a cinema club

It was decided that :

 Andy Farmer would investigate possible sources of support for some of the above.

 An article would appear in SNAIL (this is it!)

 Pages would be put on the website with a ‘Have Your Say’ form (see below) so residents can put forward their ideas, and indicate their level of interest

 If there was sufficient interest the Parish Council would establish a sub-committee to take things forward.

Hilary Campbell